My Books

This is a fictional account of the

Battle of Fallujah. I pulled inspiration

from actual experiences and events. Book is not available.

I am currently appealing to agents.



You wake up to find yourself at the bottom of a very steep embankment. Your legs are broken along with your ribs. Your body is covered in road rash and there is a piece of windshield sticking out of your left shoulder blade. What do you do? Wes Prefontaine woke up to this very scenario. With the sun beating down on his badly broken body, he knew he had to make a decision; either lie there and die or crawl his way to salvation. Battling not only his mind but also a ferocious creature, Wes must race against time and the elements of nature if he wants to survive. Will Wes make it through to see his beautiful wife Olive or will his culprits, Greg and Andy, find him first to finish off the job they started with their 1959 El Camino?



Karl Wolf is a feeble and frightful old man. He spends most of his time locked away in his own worn down home. His wife has long since passed away and his only son never comes to see him anymore. Karl, a surviving soldier of World War II, is burdened with the problems of old age. In his elderly state, Karl is finding himself terrified by several things; loneliness, shadows, death, and a string of murders that have recently plagued the local news. A number of elderly people are being found dead in their homes. Karl is sure that one day he will be the next victim. Upon returning home from visiting his wife’s grave, Karl finds himself in the middle of what could be the next headline. Luckily for him, Karl harbors his own dark secrets.

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