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I’m Chance Nix. I grew up in Pleasant Grove, an area located in the southeast part of Dallas, Tx. When I was kid I loved writing, playing baseball, watching boxing, and always had a deep love for the American Flag. I joined the workforce after high school, but it wasn’t enough, I needed something more, to be something more. I had a lot to prove, being from “The Grove”, so I joined the United States Marine Corps.


This was in 2003 and the war in Iraq was starting to heat up. I was 19 years old when I earned my title of Marine. At 20, I was a combat veteran of the second battle of Fallujah. By 22, I was a purple heart recipient and the proud lead driver for the convoy’s scout element. I loved the Corps, but after I got blown up and my hearing got damaged, that was the end of my service, although, I would have gave it all. 


I came back to the world of the big PX and apple pie. Met a girl, fell in love, got discharged, and married in only two short years. Just two more years later (by the time the Texas Rangers saw their first World Series), we welcomed our first son, Damien. I did a play-by-play for him while he was in her stomach. It’s been a good life.


By now the Rangers have lost two straight World Series appearances and I’m out of my beloved Corps, working in a hospital. Although I still love baseball, following the UFC has become my dominate pastime. In 2016, we welcomed a second child, Bastian Hardin, to our crazy mix.


My wife, Jennifer, loves graphics and I love to write. Together, we have made many books. I have found that creating stories helps me to deal with my problems. I have published two short stories with New Realm Magazine, one with Nebula Rift, and another with New Zenith Magazine.


I’m now in my 30’s, a veteran, a student, full-time husband and father,  and an EMT. I am an aspiring author  and I am here to support other aspiring authors. 

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