The AK picture

So there is a picture of me holding an AK in Iraq on this blog and I want to explain it. A short time before Ipods┬ábecame the norm, we had little devices called CD players. For you youngsters out there, it’s like a big Ipod but you have to change the disk to change the music, and it wasn’t touch screen.

So that morning I had been messing around with the CD player because it wasn’t acting right. I had a best of Pantera CD in and was really wanting to listen to it on the convoys that morning. The battle of Fallujah was over at this point and we were parked at VCP (Vehicle Check Point) 5. So everyone is talking to the Iraqi National Guard or each other when I spotted a Colonel of the ING holding an ASP. An ASP is the hard metal stick that extends and cops use it instead of nightsticks now.

Anyways, so I wanted one to take back home and figured I could maybe buy it off of him or trade him. So carrying my CD player, I approached the Colonel and asked if he wouldn’t mind trading. The man took one look at the CD player, thrust his AK rifle at me, and took the CD player. Then he commenced to walk off, stripping out of his uniform as he did so. I couldn’t believe my eyes and neither could the Marines around me.

For the price of a busted CD player, I had myself an AK. Truthfully, I still believe it was the Pantera CD which sold the deal but that’s neither here nor there. Being the good Marine I am, I inspected the rifle, clearing it and making sure it was good to go before we started to take pictures with it.

I thought this was the coolest thing in the world but my excitement was short lived as the Colonel came walking back with some Marine Officer I did not know, fixing his uniform and sulking. He handed me an ASP and took back his AK looking like a child who had just gotten in trouble for giving away his father’s baseball card collection. I didn’t mind. I still got the ASP and pictures with a cool story.

Life is strange sometimes.

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