Missing Things

I know most vets are this way, but sometimes I miss being in Iraq. Sure it was extremely cold in the winter with no windows on the seven tons and really hot in the summer with an inch thick layer of glass, but there was something about it that I simply miss. Maybe it was hanging with the guys, the thrill of adventure, or the craziness of being in a war zone and not knowing where the enemy was going to come from.

A lot of people always ask me if it was hard and sure, it was. Was I scared? You had to be, but you became used to it. It was simply a part of life. I miss the endless card games and long nights driving across the country, from one end to the other. I miss it all. I miss carrying an M16 and a shotgun.

I guess missing it makes it easy for me to write about it because it stays in my mind. I miss my friends and even though our lives have gone in different directions, I love them all and wish nothing but a peaceful life, from here to eternity. They earned that. Semper Fi.

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