Great Things

Great things come to those who wait. I don’t believe that. I believe great things come to those who get off their backside and get going, roll up them sleeves, and push forward. My Drill Instructor in boot camp use to say to me and the rest of the recruits, “Keep moving forward.” By say, I mean screamed and spit in our faces.

I took this statement to heart and it has become one of my life’s mottos. When you’re beaten down and you feel like you have no way out and all the world is weighing in on your shoulders, don’t give up, keep moving forward. Keep driving on and pushing, never surrender. The brightest star is among the darkest sky.

To achieve greatness or get what you want out of this life, you have to push for it. You have to work for it because no one will simply give you your dreams. You want a better body, a better job, a better life, you have to work for it. Great things have started to come to my household because we have worked so hard for it. For years now, my wife and I have worked hard with this writing project and I am so proud to say I have been given a contract with a literary agent to represent our work.

This is something I have dreamed about and worked for. Not only that but on the day I signed the contract, we got to bring home our new baby boy from the hospital. He is healthy and happy and I forgot how small a newborn really is. Life is looking great and I owe it all to hard work and the drive. Keep Moving Forward.

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